What is the Gospel about?

The beginning and center of the gospel is the crucifixion of Jesus! From the Cross began the New Covenant, the forgiveness of sins, the new birth, the sending of the Holy Spirit. From the cross one begins to imitate Jesus. We must accept the teachings of Jesus Christ about dying to self and bury our old lives of sin, broken man, and put on Jesus Christ through water baptism.


Many people ask what is the gospel of Jesus Christ about in the Bible? God created the world and the first people in his image. People had a personal relationship with God, walked with Him, communicated with Him, everything was fine! God has set some guidelines. He forbade people from eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God wanted people to have the choice to choose Him or not, not because He was created that way. People have committed crimes, and crime has come into the world. Sin changed the world. The law of sin has become universal. Those who commit crimes must face the consequences! God expelled people from paradise. He did not want them to share in the tree of life because the problem of sin would be constant.

People have lost their intimate relationship with God due the original sin. The children began to resemble their parents. Murder, theft, hatred, depression, wars and deaths have all increased. Today, people live in sin, away from God, without a relationship with Him. The world today is different from what God intended because of sin. The problem is sin. We cannot compare ourselves to those around us who make us look good. All are considered to have committed sin, violated God’s laws, and are subject to punishment. Today you can go to jail for a little lie, but what if you lied to God? If we commit a sin, it is against God, we deceive Him, we insult Him, etc.


The Lord Jesus said: if you despise someone, you are a murderer; if you discredit someone, you will go to hell; if you look at a woman lustfully, it is the same as committing adultery. These are examples of God’s requirements for judgment. A just God can therefore throw all people into hell (because they deserve it) and still be considered a gracious God. Just like a competent judge sentences criminals to prison terms. However, God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, into the world. He was born of the Holy Spirit without the degenerative features of the first people. He never committed a crime, he carried out Father’s orders.


Jesus Christ received the Holy Spirit and began to preach about the Kingdom of God, the need to repent for sins, as well as the possibility of healing the sick and expelling evil spirits from people. The Lord Jesus was crucified. It was not a defeat, but a victory – the culmination of flawless strategy and voluntary sacrifice. The Lord Jesus Christ is risen as promised! Because He was conceived by the Holy Spirit without sin, death could not have dominion over Him. The Lord Jesus initiated his sacrifice with a new covenant of humanity with God (the old one was annulled). He sealed them with the perfect sacrifice of His blood and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples. He died to provide a way for people to be saved, this is significant progress.

From that moment, his followers spread the message of conversion, water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus and submission to the Holy Spirit. Today, to become His disciple, receive New Life and forgiveness of sins, one must also repent of one’s sins against the Lord God, be baptized in water into the Lord Jesus on the basis of one’s own faith and decision, and continue to obey the Holy Spirit.

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